Onsdag den 18. april 2007

Falske guld og sølvmønter sælges uden problemer på QXL

Falske guldmønter ? så klik foto til QXL

Sælgeren som hedder Albertsen55 udbyder uden tøven massevis af falske Sydafrikanske Krugerrand udført i 14 karat guld, selvom mønterne er stemplet "fine gold" som betyder 24 karat guld. Indtil videre har han solgt 16 falske Krugerrang på QXL
Selvom sælgeren skriver i sin beskrivelse at guldmønterne er kopier i 14 karat guld, er det falskmønteri. Falskmønteri kan i Danmark straffes med fængsel i indtil 16 år. Den glade sælger udbyder også falske sølvmønter af "Panda" typen
Sælgeren udbyder også ægte guld i form af "gold flakes" i små pølsemandsposer. Om han også selv fremstiller de falske guld og sølvmønter, eller har købt dem på en anden dansk internetauktion, vides ikke.
Ægte guldmønter ? - så klik på foto.


Herunder er teksten fra en fantasifuld svindler på
.....(det er altså ikke opskriften på at spille dum,...på QXL )

Mini Krugerrand 1958 Mint condition .3g of 14ct GOLD smallest gold coin in world, forerunner of KRUGERRAND 1958 South African 5/- 14ct pure gold coin. Not sure what this coin is, sold to me as a token.The reverse has the famous Springbok of Krugerrand fame, the obverse has a picture of our Queen. Absolutely exquisite, looks like a tiny krugerrand, weighs .3 of a gramme, or 100 to the ounce. I have not seen the like in over 40 years of collecting. Not even sure if it is official but I would suggest all collectors of gold coins would like it, ESPECIALLY krugerrand collectors.10mm diameter. A quite amazing novelty. It has been suggested that these coins that was in use, circulating in South Africa 49 years ago. But I cannot find any reference in Krause. It has also been suggested that it is a S.A. Mint trial piece. Regretfully, I cannot confirm this either. All coins guaranteed genuine & exactly as described, or your money refunded. Photos are of the actual coin, unless stated otherwise. x50 photos can be sent on request by email. I have been with eBay for over 4 years now. Most of my auctions are private.As are all the coin auctions off-line e.g. Spink. There is no sinister reason for this, I cannot put in false bids in my name or any other. Shrilling is bad & leads to suspension from eBay !! Investors sometimes prefer to remain anonymous, especially if buying for retirement.There is also the security aspect to consider. Finally, no one likes bidding against a friend & I do not wish to slow your bidding !! Most of my coins start at £1 & do not have a reserve. This is to save listing fees. So you could grab a bargain Although I am not a Coin Dealer, I have been a serious collector for over 40 years. My grading is accurate but conservative & descriptions fair & honest. If a coin has any faults, its described in detail. No nasty suprizes !! Each gold coin has been measured & digitally weighed on purchase, as well as carefully examined to ensure that it is 'right.' So you can boldly bid in perfect safety.(see feedback)
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